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Who We Are

Our Story

Welcome. The collections and events at Branchville Borough Historical Society are interesting and educational. You are cordially invited to our History Museum, where you will get the chance to expand your knowledge through our exclusive collection and optional tours. You will be exposed to new ideas and different exhibitions that will develop your mind.

Our ever-growing institution is dedicated to expanding our visitors’ knowledge. Ultimately, we are in the business of education, and we believe in providing learning experiences for children and educational opportunities for adults. With our temporary exhibitions and events, as well as our permanent collections, we are sure that everyone will leave our History Museum with new knowledge.

The Branchville Borough Historical Society's purpose is simple: 

" Collect and assemble articles and facts of significance relative to the early history of Branchville Borough, to preserve and exhibit them for the benefit of present and future citizens, also adding thereto accounts and exhibits of current events which should be preserved for future generations.  The aim of the Society shall be to maintain a museum where artifacts and exhibits may be displayed, and for the preservation and restoration of historical sites within the Borough limits, under the direction of the Executive Board and Historian, or other persons designated by due action of the Society at subsequent regular meetings."

Are you interested in Branchville Borough?  Then come be a part of the Society.

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