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  • Rich Elliott

Reflections on the Arts Walk

The Branchville business district lit up with professional artisans Walter and Carolyn Sansone’s intricately carved owls, Chris Aidala’s one of a kind jewelry, plus Jersey Wood Carver’s life like cardinal. Collegiate artists got into the act also. Art Therapy major Bradley Ann Heinke wowed all with her ceramic leaf shaped dishes, Valentine Travaille’s hand painted cards plus paintings let patrons know that though young they are passionate about their artwork. This is but a few of the artists and authors of all ages that made our 2nd Annual Branchville Arts and Community Day a success. Jenn Paterson who bravely sold her first piece of art (mother of professional artist Liah Paterson who also participated) exclaimed “OMG I am an artist”.

Credit Sue-Ni DeStefano

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